Josh + Ashley’s Charming Prison Nuptials

Josh and Ashley share a special bond and I was thrilled to photograph their wedding, not only because we’ve grown close over the years but because Ashley is a master DIY-er. I knew I’d have a blast shooting each detail because she’s so brilliantly creative! Ashley handcrafted so many elements including her bouquet plus her cake topper. She enlisted the help of family and friends to construct 1011 paper origami cranes they strung throughout the wedding venue, a former state prison dating back to the Civil War.

Michelle of + – Photo co-shot this wedding with me and she was amazing to work with! I can’t wait to post all of our images from the day. Until then, here’s a preview of what I shot:

Oh! One more thing. This video is Ashley’s wedding present for Josh. Josh is a rapper and wrote a song for Ashley called “Dancin’ Girl.” She created her own version, “Rappin’ Man” with her own lyrics. My husband Paul produced the video and our daughter even makes a cameo. This is such an original wedding gift!

Rapping Man from Paul Katcher on Vimeo.

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